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Knowledge Management Consultants

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The process by which you move your KM efforts forward doesn’t have to take a long time and doesn’t have to be expensive.  One very practical approach is to engage a Knowledge Management consultant, which also doesn’t have to take a long time and doesn’t have to be expensive…

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Solving Business and Operational Performance Challenges Through Knowledge Management -- Improving the Use and Flow of Knowledge

Client Value:  Work with you to create visible, measurable, and sustainable improvement in your ability to "use" your knowledge and "improve" the flow of your knowledge across organization boundaries. 

Result: Our KM consulting solutions will improve your ability to "perform and learn." You will acquire an improved capability not only to more effectively adapt to change, but also to develop better solutions and to make better decisions about the challenges you face by leveraging the knowledge you possess at the individual, team, and organization level.

Recent Working KnowledgeCSP Highlights:

The Challenges In Building a Sustainable KM Program in the Federal Government
on Wednesday, June 6 2018
   It's difficult to build a sustainable KM program in the federal government.  Some thoughts on why. 1. The Planning, Budgeting, Appropriation Cycle time is not responsive to immediate requirements.  Other than end of year fallout money, planning for KM implementation spans multiple fiscal years. 2. Temporary Nature of Political (Leadership) Appointments can drive ambiguity in the agency's mission priorities including a strong focus on that political appointee’s individual agenda and resource priorities to support that agenda. KM is rarely on it. 3. Appreciation for the Necessary Investment in KM that must span multiple fiscal years.  End of fiscal year fallout monies may support an initial effort for a KM initiative but there are very often no funds for follow up or follow through. If the KM initiative delivers some value, momentum and buzz can build, value can be seen, but then there is workforc …
Knowledge Management (KM) and US Talks with North Korea (NOKO)
on Monday, April 23 2018
      History is in the making regardless of the outcomes…and knowledge management can have a critical role to play in enabling the US to “create value from its knowledge” and achieve the desired outcomes.       Two questions to consider: How can KM play a role in enabling outcomes to meet or exceed negotiation expectations? How is the Trump administration leveraging the multi-dimensional lessons learned that resulted from negotiations across previous US administrations? Past negotiations have a history of outcomes being different from expectations in engaging with North Korea.  At the risk of oversimplifying an approach to what are complex talks with an incredible number of moving parts across multiple spectrums (political, economic, military, intelligence, social, personal, other), I offer the following “back to basics” consideration (if not already considered) … engaging using learni …
Bill Kaplan, Working KnowledgeCSP, Speaking at the DOD and Federal KM Symposium- 16 May 2018 in Baltimore
on Monday, April 16 2018
Great Falls, Virginia - April 16, 2017 - Bill Kaplan, Working KnowledgeCSP Founder, will be speaking at the 2018 DoD and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium, on 16 May at 1400 (2:00PM) at the Baltimore Convention Center. Bill will be sharing practice based insights on Applying "Agile" in Developing KM Strategies and Implementing Frameworks. This session will present and explain a practice based, "agile" based methodology for developing "fit for purpose," operationally relevant KM strategies and implementing frameworks that (1) incorporate a KM pilot project "up front" as a primary source of learning and insight for strategy development and framework implementation, and (2) are based upon "Fast Learning"  fundamentals (part of the foundation for "agile") that are introduced into the organization for sustainable KM success. A discussion about Agile KM applied to KM Strategy, Framework development, and knowledge transfer can be found here. Symposium registration is h …
Working KnowledgeCSP Awarded International Knowledge Management Consulting Services Contract from The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
on Thursday, October 26 2017
Great Falls, Virginia – October 25, 2017 -  Working KnowledgeCSP (WK), a recognized US and international provider of knowledge management solutions, announced a competitive contract award for Knowledge Management (KM) Consulting Services Contract from The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Under the terms of the contract, Working KnowledgeCSP, and its teammate, Enterprise Knowledge, an Arlington, VA based KM technology consulting company, will support The Global Fund’s Office of the Inspector General to formalize functional requirements, propose technical solutions, and to produce a detailed implementation plan for the development of a Knowledge Management System for The Global Fund’s Office of the Inspector General. Working KnowledgeCSP Founder, Bill Kaplan, said, “We’re proud to have been selected and excited about this international KM opportunity. Collaborating with The Global Fun …
CoP Success and the Concept of Shared Value
on Tuesday, October 24 2017
  A series of long-term consulting projects involving planning, launching, and sustaining high-performing communities of practice (CoP) reemphasized to me some of the basics necessary for sustainable CoP success. One of the leading contributors to CoP success and one of the leading contributors to marginalizing CoPs is how well one understands the concept of “shared value,” not only in the initial planning and launch of CoPs, but also in sustaining the CoPs. CoPs generally require investment in the form of funding, resources, people, participation, and time not only from the CoP memberships, but also from the organization that “licenses” the CoPs to operate. CoPs also generally require a “value” assessment before either the organization or the (potential) members will actively support and participate in the CoP. Failure to develop a value proposition and create a concept for shared value will greatly increase the probability the CoP …


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Knowledge Management ConsultantsKnowledge Management Consulting

Working KnowledgeCSP knowledge management consulting solutions and services enable organizations to create value from their knowledge to measurably improve organizational and mission performance.  Through the integration of "fit for purpose" knowledge management concepts, knowledge management strategies, and knowledge management implementing practices, we co-deliver with you a sustainbale KM solution aligned with your requirements.

Working KnowledgeCSP Knowledge Management Consulting Support includes Knowledge Management analysis and assessment, Knowledge Management Strategy development, Knowledge Management Framework development, and Knowledge Management Framework Implementation.


Knowledge Management ConsultantsMaking Knowledge Management “Stick”

Comparably speaking, developing the Knowledge Management Strategy and Knowledge Management Implementing Framework is easier than sustaining the momentum and the organization’s investment in Knowledge Management.  Working KnowledgeCSP co-delivers with you the capability to sustain your investment in Knowledge Management and your desired outcomes now and into the future.

Working KnowledgeCSP supports your success through Knowledge Management training, coaching, and client focused knowledge management workshops that enable you to create the long term capability necessary to


Knowledge Management ConsultantsKnowledge Management is a
Process of Continuous Renewal

Working KnowledgeCSP is a leader in knowledge management consulting helping organizations of all sizes and scope to understand and then to create the capability to mitigate the risks and challenges of workforce turnover and knowledge loss.  Working KnowledgeCSP works with you to develop “fit for purpose” Knowledge Management Strategies and long term actions necessary to create a disciplined and sustainable enterprise Knowledge Management Framework to mitigate knowledge loss and improve knowledge retention—to keep you from “Losing Your Minds.”


Acquisition Management Solutions

Working KnowledgeCSP Acquisition Management Solutions support your acquisition, program management, and contract management professionals -- your “knowledge workers.”  As part of our knowledge management consulting solutions, Working KnowledgeCSP is at the unique intersection of federal acquisition and your organization’s ability to continually and consistently leverage your knowledge to consistently deliver your mission. Whether contractor or government, the unmatched combination of 40 years of federal acquisition management experience, combined with 19 years of hands on Knowledge Management experience, ensures the application of practical knowledge solutions to the complex acquisition challenges confronting a 21st century acquisition focused organization.

Contract Management Solutions

Working KnowledgeCSP Contract Management Solutions deliver the right contract management knowledge, at the right time, where you need it most – at the point of execution!   Our Contracts ManagerTM -- On Demand Contract Management Support provides a highly-experienced contract management professional as supplemental staff to support your contract management workload.  Our experienced, Certified Professional Contracts Managers (CPCM) are subject matter experts that will provide support for a wide variety of contract management tasks to address your subject matter and workload challenges. We will seamlessly integrate Our Contracts ManagerTM -- On Demand Contract Management Support into your workflow and business processes.

Knowledge Management ConsultantsKMAgile  TM

Agile in the Knowledge Management context means rapid implementation and results, adaptive to culture, context, and the business environment, and focused on changing knowledge sharing mindsets and behaviors.

In our Agile approach to Knowledge Management, business strategy and operational requirements continuously and iteratively inform and evolve Knowledge Management efforts to deploy knowledge capabilities faster with meaningful results.   Assessment, design, and development of a flexible Knowledge Management strategy is accomplished in the background while proven Knowledge Management techniques are applied to existing business challenges through short, quick win pilot projects.

Within 12 weeks, individuals, teams and leaders participating in this effort discover new possibilities, begin to shift their mindsets, and directly experience the business impact of new capabilities for sharing and transferring their knowledge.


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