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Knowledge Management Consultants

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The process by which you move your KM efforts forward doesn’t have to take a long time and doesn’t have to be expensive.  One very practical approach is to engage a Knowledge Management consultant, which also doesn’t have to take a long time and doesn’t have to be expensive…

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Solving Business and Operational Performance Challenges Through Knowledge Management -- Improving the Use and Flow of Knowledge

Client Value:  Work with you to create true, sustainbale improvement in your ability to "use" your knowledge and "improve" the flow of your knowledge across organization boundaries. 

Result: An improved ability to "perform and learn," the capability to more effectively adapt to change, and the ability to develop better solutions and to make better decisions about the challenges you face.

Recent Working KnowledgeCSP Highlights:

Bill Kaplan Presenting at Ark Group Australia March 2017:
on Friday, January 20 2017
Really looking forward to presenting two, hands-on, one day workshops with my friend and colleague Zach Wahl from Enterprise Knowledge. Each The Wheels of Knowledge Management one-day comprehensive workshop focuses on a 360 degree in depth view of KM from "Concept" to "Strategy" to "Practical Implementation" including the finer points of KM enabling technology and content management to create a real capability for an organization to "Connect-Collect-Collaborate" as part of workflow at the individual, team, and organization levels. Mark these dates: Tuesday, 7 March 2017, Novotel on Colli …
Working KnowledgeCSP LLC Receives 2016 Best of Great Falls Award
on Wednesday, December 14 2016
Working Knowledge CSP LLC has been selected for the 2016 Best of Great Falls Award in the Knowledge Management category by the Great Falls Award Program. Each year, the Great Falls Award Program identifies companies that  have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Great Falls area a great place to live, work and play. Various sources of information were gathered and a …
Working KnowledgeCSP Honored with the 2016 Spectrum Award for Service Excellence
on Friday, November 25 2016
Working KnowledgeCSP was recently honored with the 2016 Spectrum Award for Service Excellence, earning a 5 star rating! CityBeatNews, the award sponsor, stated that their "...mission is to support businesses that provide excellence in customer satisfaction. We award and give voice to those exceptional companies. Spectrum Award Winners are rated using our exclusive research and proprietary algorithm. This allows us to provide independent ratings that remove bias and uniquely recognize businesses providing exceptional customer experiences."   Learn more about Working KnowledgeCSP at ww …
5 Reasons You Can’t Get the Go Ahead for Your KM Effort!
on Friday, November 25 2016
So, you brought in KM consultants to help you to implement “KM” in your organization.  They have made the case, with your sponsorship, and presented their recommendations for your KM strategy and implementation framework.  But leadership just can’t or won’t implement. What? Really? Here are some things to consider to better understand why the obvious may not be so obvious or the value of KM that is clear to you, may not be clear to others.   Is the KM Strategy proposed tied or grounded in the organization strategic plan or strategy? Importance:  …
Bill Kaplan Presenting at Ark Group Australia March 2017: "The Wheels of Knowledge Management"
on Sunday, October 30 2016
Working KnowledgeCSP and Enterprise Knowledge are teaming with Ark Group Australia to deliver a comprehensive seminar on the practical application of Knowledge Management concepts, strategies, and practices.  These one-day seminars, to be delivered on March 7, 2017 in Melbourne and again on March 9 in Canberra will provide a detailed view of Knowledge Management best practices and case studies from two of the world’s most influential KM professionals. Ark Group Australia is presenting ‘The Wheels of Knowledge Management,’ featuring Working KnowledgeCSP’s Bill Kapl …


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Knowledge Management ConsultantsKnowledge Management Consulting

Working KnowledgeCSP knowledge management solutions and services enable organizations to create value from their knowledge and to measurably improve organizational performance through applying the most context relevant knowledge management concepts, knowledge management strategies, and knowledge management implementing practices.

Working KnowledgeCSP Knowledge Management Consulting Support includes Knowledge Management analysis and assessment, Knowledge Management Strategy development, Knowledge Management Framework development, and Knowledge Management Framework Implementation.


Knowledge Management ConsultantsMaking Knowledge Management “Stick”

Comparably speaking, developing the Knowledge Management Strategy and Knowledge Management Implementing Framework is easier than sustaining the momentum and the organization’s investment in Knowledge Management.  Working KnowledgeCSP co-delivers with you the capability to sustain your investment in Knowledge Management and your desired outcomes now and into the future.

Working KnowledgeCSP supports your success through Knowledge Management training, coaching, and client focused knowledge management workshops that enable you to create the long term capability necessary to


Knowledge Management ConsultantsKnowledge Management is a
Process of Continuous Renewal

Working KnowledgeCSP is a leader in knowledge management consulting helping organizations of all sizes and scope to understand and then to create the capability to mitigate the risks and challenges of workforce turnover and knowledge loss.  Working KnowledgeCSP works with you to develop “fit for purpose” Knowledge Management Strategies and long term actions necessary to create a disciplined and sustainable enterprise Knowledge Management Framework to mitigate knowledge loss and improve knowledge retention—to keep you from “Losing Your Minds.”



Knowledge Management ConsultantsKMAgile  TM

Agile in the Knowledge Management context means rapid implementation and results, adaptive to culture, context, and the business environment, and focused on changing knowledge sharing mindsets and behaviors.

In our Agile approach to Knowledge Management, business strategy and operational requirements continuously and iteratively inform and evolve Knowledge Management efforts to deploy knowledge capabilities faster with meaningful results.   Assessment, design, and development of a flexible Knowledge Management strategy is accomplished in the background while proven Knowledge Management techniques are applied to existing business challenges through short, quick win pilot projects.

Within 12 weeks, individuals, teams and leaders participating in this effort discover new possibilities, begin to shift their mindsets, and directly experience the business impact of new capabilities for sharing and transferring their knowledge.


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