The Lubrizol Corporation, a global specialty chemicals company,  contracted with Working KnowledgeCSP to provide multiple task Knowledge Management advisory and coaching services to address carefully considered KM challenges.

Working KnowledgeCSP delivered the following consulting solutions:

      Unit Operations

  • An assessment of the use and flow of critical knowledge within and across specific company operational units including the identification of challenges (gaps) and associated risks that marginalize the effective flow and use of knowledge across these units
  • An assessment of the impacts of current knowledge use and flow of knowledge and KM processes, practices, and methods on the ability to mitigate the challenges of workforce turnover and knowledge loss
  • Recommendations to mitigate the challenges and associated risks identified.

     Continuous Performance Improvement

  • Leveraging operational learning before, during, and after work is planned and executed and facilitating the transfer of these learned lessons across company boundaries.

     KM Strategy

  • Working with and coaching KM corporate planning in the development and implementation of KM concepts, KM strategies, and KM implementing practices.

Working KnowledgeCSP delivered these projects meeting all price, schedule, and technical requirements.