Knowledge Enabled Strategic Planning

Knowledge Enabled Strategic Planning: Successful implementation of an organization’s strategic plan requires the support of everyone in the organization, all with different and sometimes conflicting roles in pursuit of the mission. Our approach to strategic planning success leverages experience, insight, and learned lessons from across the organization, incorporating the operational autonomy and specialization (experience and expertise) that are the foundation of evolving knowledge based organizations.

Strategy development is progression based beginning with establishing “situational awareness” around the key strategy development team, their diverse backgrounds and expertise, their indiviudal and business unit goals and objectives, in order to gain faster understanding and acceptance of the difficult strategy choices that have to be made, especially in today’s resource constrained operating environment.

We then facilitate shared understanding around your mission (why you exist), your vision (what do you want to be), your guiding principles (your compass), and then facilitate a discussion to define strategic objectives based on what you want to achieve (outcomes), and how you will achieve your strategic objectives (operations) and your mission. Importantly, we also facilitate a discussion about your organizational structure and if it is aligned to support your strategic plan to achieve your objectives. This results in a flexibly developed strategy, with shared understanding and ownership of the strategy, that aligns your operational/command and control structure with your strategy to deliver your mission.

We work with you to create a knowledge enabled, high performing organization or team from organization “day one.” This is most effective when addressed in the planning stage. This is particularly important before new organizations or sub groups of organizations are formed, especially when formed from different cultures or operational environments, possess different but complementary expertise, have unclear or vague chains of command, and are crafting a new mission to address a particularly large or long term challenge where the ability to connect, collect, and collaborate is critical to successful outcomes. We take a strategic approach to helping the (new) leadership team to define objectives and an organization structure where form follows function. Fundamental to this is the co-creation of a “fit for purpose” high performing, knowledge enabled organization possessing a disciplined and consistent framework for capturing and reusing knowledge to sustain measurable high performance.