The Knowledge Edge series – Download Document

Much is written about what Knowledge Management (KM) is and is not. I have always viewed KM as important from its ability to create value in an organization … about “Creating Value from Knowledge.”

KM is among other things a business discipline, with concepts, a necessary strategy, and implementing practices. I also believe that KM is always about “continuous performance improvement,” context, application in context, solving business or operational challenges, and developing and defining better solutions based on “connection, collection, and collaboration.”

The Knowledge Edge series, which I began in 2009, is a sequence of short but specific vignettes on my evolving perspective of KM.  Over time I will add additional perspectives and modify my existing perspectives on KM as I continue to learn from the practical application of KM with our clients.

The Knowledge Edge series includes:

  1. Understanding KM
  2. KM Concept, Strategy, and Practice
  3. Knowledge Leadership
  4. Fundamentals of Knowledge Enabled Organization
  5. One View of Knowledge
  6. High Performing Knowledge Enabled Organizations
  7. Fast Learning
  8. CoPs (Part 1)
  9. CoPs (Part 2)
  10. Knowledge Assets
  11. Knowledge at the Point of Execution
  12. Developing Knowledge Workers Through Senior Management Leadership
  13. Operationalizing Learning
  14. Understanding KM Certification


I hope you will take the time to download the series and that it creates value for you. Questions or comments, please contact me at [email protected] so I can learn from you as well.

Knowledge Edge Series