The CSP Model Workshop — KM in Practice

The CSP Model Workshop — KM in Practice

The CSP Model Workshop — KM in Practice will provide your leadership and workforce the ability to create a clear road map for developing, integrating, and sustaining a KM Framework for your organization, regardless of size. It is presented in understandable and practical language supported by “ready-to-implement” ideas that will facilitate your ability to think about and then to build a smarter, knowledge enabled, more agile organization by capturing, adapting, and retaining the knowledge that is already inside your organization before it is lost through turnover or other attrition.

The Workshop can be structured to support both half-day and full day sessions depending on the level at which you wish to begin and the time you are willing to invest. This is neither a so called “certification” course that promises to “certify” you in KM, nor is it an academic exercise in KM concepts lacking practical outcomes or outputs. 

  • The Half Day Workshop discusses in depth each of the three phases of the model — Concept, Strategy, Practice — and introduces you to the approach and the thinking that you will need to implement the CSP model.
  • The Full Day Workshop also facilitates a discussion relevant to your organization’s details. We collaborate with you to develop specific details of your roadmap and help you to understand what it will take for you to develop and implement a sustainable high performing, knowledge enabled organization.

The workshop, conducted at your location, includes:

  • A Half Day or Full Day Workshop
  • The CSP Workbook for each attendee
  • For the full day workshop, eight (8) hours of electronically supported post-workshop follow up and coaching to answer any questions you have about the CSP Model and its implementation in your organization.

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KM in Practice”