US Army Corps of Engineers Engineering Research and Development Center

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC) Contracting Office


The USACE ERDC Contracting Office (ERDC-CT) asked Working KnowledgeCSP to analyze, assess, develop, and deliver a roadmap to develop and implement an Enterprise Knowledge Management (KM) framework for this acquisition organization.


Working KnowledgeCSP delivered the requirement in four phases:

  1. Assessment: We assessed the current USACE ERDC Contracting Office operational environment (OE) and knowledge management (KM) environment (KME), including KM and Contract Management relevant enabling technology.
  2. Analysis: We analyze the findings from the assessment in collaboration with contracting officers, staff, and the CT Director.
  3. Visioning: We facilitated a workshop with the USACE ERDC contracting office in crafting a KM vision and KM Strategy tied to the Hq USACE Operational Strategic Plan.
  4. Strategy and Roadmap:  We delivered KM strategy recommendations and a KM roadmap to enable the USACE ERDC contracting office to establish an efficient and effective “fir for purpose” Knowledge Management (KM) framework with the right enabling KM and Contract Management technology.


Working KnowledgeCSP delivered this project on time, meeting all technical requirements, and within budget. ERDC-CT possesses a long-term strategy and roadmap for KM implementation and assessment ready for implementation.