Acquisition Management Solutions

Acquisition Management Solutions

In addition to our focus on knowledge management in the private sector, Working KnowledgeCSP also serves clients in the public sector, addressing the same knowledge challenges that face organizations in the private sector.  The federal government is also a business — a very big business — with a huge investment in the knowledge of its workforce.

In the public sector, acquisition is a central business process.  An underlying theme in the business planning and execution of its core acquisition processes is the need for and the ability of the acquisition leadership and workforce to leverage critical and relevant knowledge about “the business of acquisition” more effectively.  The structure of the acquisition organization, and its ability to leverage its knowledge, or lack of it, is a fundamental challenge that consistently marginalizes the successful planning and execution of our acquisition programs.

As a part of our knowledge management consulting solutions and services, Working KnowledgeCSP is at the unique intersection of federal acquisition and its ability to continually and consistently leverage the knowledge of the federal acquisition workforce. The unmatched combination of 40 years of federal acquisition, procurement and program management experience, combined with 19 years of hands on Knowledge Management experience, ensures the application of practical knowledge management solutions to complex acquisition challenges confronting a 21st century acquisition organization.

Organizational Strategy and Planning

Improving Acquisition Policies and Processes

Improving Acquisition Policies and Processes – Knowledge Enabled Policy Development and Implementation: Policies and processes embody the basic principles that govern the way an acquisition organization executes its mission. Ideally,…

Leading and Aligning the Organization

Leading and Aligning the Organization: Organizational alignment is the appropriate placement of the acquisition function in the organization, with stakeholders having clearly defined roles and responsibilities that are consistent with…

Organizational Strategy and Planning

Organizational Strategy and Planning: Clarify your acquisition organization’s identity – who are you, whom do you serve, what is your unique strength, relevance and value proposition? Develop an organizational strategy…

Acquisition Organizational Assessment

Acquisition Organizational Assessment:  Build a shared understanding of your acquisition organization’s strengths and challenges and agree on priorities for a plan to strengthen your organization. We have experience in the…



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