European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


 Since 1992, the Bank has supported transition to well-functioning market economies in countries committed to pluralistic democratic political systems. In pursuit of this mandate the Bank has invested more than EUR 102 billion in cumulative terms in over 4,300 projects across all its countries of operations. It has also engaged in active policy dialogue with central and local governments.

During these past 25 years, the Bank has developed an extensive body of knowledge which is presently under-utilized and not well shared across the operational footprint of the Bank. The Bank desires to lay the foundations for a coordinated, centralized approach to knowledge management (KM) as a key, strategic program.


In this current one year effort, Working KnowledgeCSP, as the prime contractor, is teamed with Enterprise Knowledge, to provide the Bank with a KM framework and supporting systems that will enable the Bank to transform the knowledge it possesses now and will acquire in the future, into a valuable asset able to generate measurable financial, social, infrastructure, development, and environmental returns in the context of international policy engagements and investment projects. The expected outcome is the successful completion of a pilot phase which will provide the Bank with sufficient information to decide on a permanent Knowledge Management framework and supporting systems.

The solution being delivered consists of the following activities:

  • Analyze the Bank’s knowledge management needs, internal knowledge creation/sharing processes and products and the factors that impede an effective use of the expertise available
  • Lead the implementation of a pilot phase where the proposed approach to knowledge management will be tested and monitored
  • Advise the Bank on appropriate Knowledge Management IT platforms and tools available in the market for use during the pilot phase
  • Address the change management challenges that the Bank will face
  • Report on the results of the pilots and propose a KM strategy and implementation plan to roll-out a sustainable KM solution across the Bank.


In the first five months of this project teamed with our client, we completed an extensive analysis and assessment of the Bank’s business and operation environment (BOE) and its knowledge management environment (KME) and created an “as-is” baseline, conducted a “visioning workshop” with the Bank’s senior leadership to develop a future “to-be” baseline, completed a “gap analysis,” delivered a Needs Assessment, and delivered and briefed a work plan for the pilot operations.

During the next five months, we are leading the approved pilot phase for this project. The results of the pilot phase will be used to develop a broader KM strategy for roll-out across the Bank.