PSS Survey Services

Working KnowledgeCSP guides and assists leadership and teams in tackling knowledge management and organization performance issues and provide survey services to help the organization to make better decisions and develop better solutions to the challenges they face while meeting their mission objectives.  Our survey services are designed to ensure the right information is placed into the hands of the decision makers at the right time.

As part of an enterprise knowledge management system design, development and delivery, the survey, a fundamental component of a Knowledge Audit, is used to identify the sources of your critical and relevant knowledge, where and how it is stored, accessed, and reused; how knowledge flows across your organization, and what the overall knowledge environment is in which you operate.

About Us

Working KnowledgeCSP knowledge management consultants deliver practical understanding and application of knowledge management concepts, strategy, implementing practices, and “fit for purpose” knowledge management technologies to help organizations solve business and operational challenges affecting organization performance and mission success.