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Knowledge Management Consultants



874-1 MOBIS Consulting Services (now includes 874-2 and 874-3)

Through consultant advisory services, learning and training programs, and targeted and developed publications crafted to your context, Working KnowledgeCSP works with you to understand where your critical and relevant knowledge resides to help you to effectively leverage “what you know about what you do” to (1) deliver increasing customer value, (2) mitigate knowledge loss due to workforce turnover, (3) increase the retention and effectiveness of your valued workforce, and (4) more effectively and efficiently deliver mission success.


874‐2 MOBIS Facilitation Services

Facilitation is  a  core  methodology used  in  all  of  our  projects. Trained on the FAST method (Facilitated Application Specification Technique).  We enable a highly structured, formal (but flexible) technique for guiding and directing the work of people in workshops and meetings.

Our facilitation expertise and experience can help you to: improve the productivity of teams; reduce specification and design errors; shorten project duration; improve budget performance; develop implementable strategies; build cohesive support for plans; mediate disputes between individuals, departments, and organizations; and manage the many types personalities (and conflict) that appear in every meeting and workshop.


874‐3 MOBIS Survey Services

Working KnowledgeCSP guides and assists leadership and teams in tackling knowledge management and organization performance issues and provide survey services to help the organization to make better decisions and develop better solutions to the challenges they face while meeting their mission objectives.  Our survey services are designed to ensure the right information is placed into the hands of the decision makers at the right time.

As part of an enterprise knowledge management system design, development and delivery, the survey, a fundamental component of a Knowledge Audit, is used to identify the sources of your critical and relevant knowledge, where and how it is stored, accessed, and reused; how knowledge flows across your organization, and what the overall knowledge environment is in which you operate.


874‐6 MOBIS Acquisition Management Services

Working KnowledgeCSP provides specific consulting services to agencies in conducting federal acquisition management activities. Services covered by this SIN are:

  • Acquisition planning assistance, including market research and recommending procurement strategy
  • Acquisition document development, including cost/price estimates, quality assurance surveillance plans, statements of work, synopses, solicitations, price negotiation memoranda, etc.
  • Expert assistance in supporting proposal evaluations, including price/cost analysis or technical proposal analysis
  • Contract administration support services, including assistance with reviewing contractor performance, developing contract modifications, and investigating reports of contract discrepancies
  • Contract close-out assistance
  • Competitive Sourcing support


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