Knowledge Management Strategy and Strategy Implementation

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Knowledge Management Strategy

Solving Business and Operational Performance Challenges Through Knowledge Management — Improving the Use and Flow of Knowledge

Client Value: Work with you to create visible, measurable, and sustainable improvement in your ability to “use” your knowledge and “improve” the flow of your knowledge across organizational boundaries.

Result: Our KM consulting solutions will improve your ability to “perform and learn.” You will acquire an improved capability not only to more effectively adapt to change, but also to develop better solutions and to make better decisions about the challenges you face by leveraging the knowledge you possess at the individual, team, and organization level.

KM Strategy and Strategy Implementation

Our KM Strategy development process co-delivers with you a sustainable KM strategy (what) and implementation plan (how) that evolves as your organization evolves and changes.

We work with you to identify meaningful KM pilot projects to test the recommended strategy while focusing the KM pilots on solving real-time business and operational challenges to prove to the organization that the KM works in your context as part of workflow.

Together, we capture lessons learned from the pilots and adjust the strategy before more broadly implementing the KM strategy across your organization.

We follow a straightforward, systematic approach.

Understand the Business and Operational Environment (BOE)

We research, interview, and use surveys when it makes sense to do so, to understand your mission and how you execute it.

Understand the Knowledge Management Environment (KME)

We research, interview, and use surveys when it makes sense to do so, to understand how you sue knowledge and how it flows across organizational boundaries.

Analyze and Create a KM Baseline (as-is)

We develop and coordinate an as-is baseline of your KME

Develop KM Vision and Outcomes from KM Investment (to be)

We facilitate a workshop for you to develop a to be KM vision

Gap Analysis (to be vs. as is)

We compare the as-is and to-be and identify the gaps to close.

Develop KM Strategy to Close Gaps (what)

We co-develop with you a KM Strategy to close the gaps

KM Implementation (how)

We co-develop with you a KM framework to implement your KM Strategy