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Washington Headquarters Service


Washington Headquarters Service (WHS)

Acquisition Directorate (AD)

The Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) Acquisition Directorate (AD) provides end-to-end acquisition, procurement, and leasing support to WHS and various OSD components within the Pentagon and other National Capital Region facilities. Support includes acquisitions for architect and engineering services, building construction and alteration, facility operation and maintenance, information technology, and other supplies and services, and the award and management of grants and cooperative agreements.

AD’s vision is to transform itself into a highly skilled, business-oriented organization that provides innovative, efficient and effective service to its partners and clients. In this environment, highly skilled specialists will use innovative, results-based, end-to-end acquisition management tools to manage client acquisition portfolios.

To that end, and in order to ensure that best practices are maintained and leveraged, AD’s goal is to improve its capabilities to more effectively encourage, promote, and assist its staff with capturing and sharing not only information but more importantly expertise, across the organization.

WHS/AD contracted with Working KnowledgeCSP to conduct a comprehensive knowledge management assessment of the AD organization to enable the AD leadership to better understand their current capabilities and readiness for implementing a sustainable KM program.

  • Working KnowledgeCSP delivered recommendations toDevelop a life cycle knowledge concept, tied to AD’s strategic plan and leadership visions for leveraging knowledge across AD
    Develop an integrated, sustainable knowledge management strategy that aligns with AD’s culture, processes and technology
  • Develop recommendations with respect to relevant practices and techniques to deliver the strategy
  • assess AD’s contact management and knowledge management enabling technology in support of the KM solution.

The Working KnowledgeCSP Technical Approach consisted of four phases:

Step 1 – Assessment: Assess the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) Acquisition Directorate (AD) contracting knowledge management environment (KME), including KM and KM/acquisition relevant enabling technology

Step 2 — Analysis: Analyze the findings from the assessment

Step 3 — Recommendations: Present recommendations and a phased implementation plan to enable the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) Acquisition Directorate (AD) to develop a sustainable KM program plan achievable within the utilization of AD existing network and IT resources.

Step 4 — Roadmap: Present a roadmap with expected results and recommendations.

Working KnowledgeCSP delivered this project on time, meeting all technical requirements, and within budget