KM Training

Knowledge Management Training

KM Skills and Awareness Training will provide your leadership and workforce a foundation for understanding how knowledge is captured, adapted, and used as well as how it flows within your organization. The training will be tailored to your leadership dynamics and organizational culture.

Practical KM Concepts are presented in clear and understandable language. This facilitates your ability to quickly grasp these KM Concepts and then implement relevant practices, techniques, and tools not only to embed the ability to capture critical and relevant knowledge in order to learn before, learn during, and learn after work is done, but also to make sense out of your captured knowledge so you can adapt this knowledge and characterize it for reuse in the context of your organization.

Specific skills and awareness training is designed and adapted for specific audiences including leadership, workforce, and for those who are specifically accountable for the planning and implementation of KM concepts, strategies, and practices at the staff and operational (mission/strategy execution) level. Similar training has been provided to the US Army Japan, other Government organizations, and to various private sector companies.

Example KM subject areas covered include:

• Introduction to KM
• Knowledge Capture for Groups and Individuals
• Creating a Core Knowledge Base and leveraging knowledge assets. (Repository)
• Enabling Technology

• Communities of Practice
• Flow and Use of Knowledge Across Organization Boundaries
• Knowledge Leadership
• Knowledge Engineer/Knowledge Manager Training
• Specific topics identified by the Client

The value of this training to you is that this KM training is tailored to your organization and its unique environment. It is not only about the “what” of knowledge management, but also the “know how” and “know why.” The training is not a so called “certification” course that promises to certify you in KM, nor is it an academic delivery of theory and text book concepts.

When we’re finished, you will be able to implement KM in a way that enables you to capture, adapt, transfer, and reuse the critical and relevant knowledge of your organization to continuously improve mission performance at the individual, team, and organization level.

The CSP (Concept -Strategy-Practice) Model and the CSP Model Workshop

The CSP Model Workshop — KM in Practice will provide your leadership and workforce the ability to create a clear road map for developing, integrating, and sustaining a KM Framework for your organization, regardless of size. It is presented in understandable and practical language supported by “ready-to-implement” ideas that will facilitate your ability to think about and then to build a smarter, knowledge enabled, more agile organization by capturing, adapting, and retaining the knowledge that is already inside your organization before it is lost through turnover or other attrition.

The CSP Model

Outcomes based on requirements = Know where you’re going and why before you start! One could maintain that KM is about “creating value from your knowledge to improve performance at…