Working Knowledge CSP Once Again Recognized in CIOReview Magazine Annual Top 10 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers


Working KnowledgeCSP was once again recognized by CIOReview Magazine in November 2020 as one of the annual “10 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers” this time for 2020.”  According to CIOReview Magazine, this is an annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing knowledge management solutions and impacting the industry. Working KnowledgeCSP also earned this recognition in 2018.   

Working KnowledgeCSP continues to focus in 2020 on delivering effective and sustainable KM solutions to our clients. Working KnowledgeCSP will continue to work with clients to demonstrate that investing time in KM concepts, strategy, and practices while changing the organization’s behavior to better support KM outcomes, helps create a measurable return in performance and value both for the organization, its teams, and the individual employee.