Working Knowledge CSP Recognized in 2018 10 Most Promising KM Solution Providers

Working KnowledgeCSP is featured in CIOReview Magazine’s special knowledge management issue and recognized as one of the “10 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers for 2018.”

This is an annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing knowledge management solutions and impacting the industry.” Bill Kaplan, Working KnowledgeCSP Founder, discussed Working KnowledgeCSP‘s approach to “Creating Value from Knowledge” to deliver effective and sustainable KM solutions to their clients.

Bill Kaplan discusses the value of a KM Strategy and how Working KnowledgeCSP works with their clients to co-develop and co-deliver a “fit for purpose” KM Strategy and Implementation Plan.   

“…co-delivery has helped Working KnowledgeCSP gain greater success by ensuring that our client’s key people are embedded our the consulting team that delivers the KM solutions, helping to ensure that our client develops and retains an organic capability to sustain their investment in the newly developed KM environment based on what they learned as a member of the consulting solution delivery team.”   

Additionally, Working KnowledgeCSP developed an agile approach to KM strategy development—KMAgile. For clients able to invest the upfront time and resources, this approach quickly co-develops and co-delivers sustainable client knowledge retention and sharing capability in approximately 14 weeks through the upfront use of KM pilot projects built into the workflow. This informs the KM strategy real-time by involving the  client teams in solving business or operational challenges using KM concepts and practices as part of getting the work done. “It’s kind of like flying the airplane while you build it,” quips Kaplan. Results and lessons learned from this agile approach are then used to more effectively deploy KM across the organization.

Working KnowledgeCSP continues to stay focused on delivering effective and sustainable KM solutions to their clients. We envision continuing to work with clients to demonstrate that investing time in KM concepts and practices, while changing the organization’s behavior to better support KM outcomes, helps create a measurable return in performance and value both for the organization, its teams, and the individual employee.

The CIOReview article can be viewed here.