Bill Kaplan Named to Industry Era Magazine’s List of 10 Best Entrepreneurs of 2020

2020 Industry Era Magazines 2020 List Best Entrepreneurs

Industry Era Magazines named Bill Kaplan, Founder of Working KnowledgeCSP as one of the “10 Best Entrepreneurs of 2020.” According to Industry Era, selection criteria and recognition are based on entrepreneurs who are “… set to transform this new era with their innovative ideologies, technological outlook and steadfast leadership.”

Bill stated “I’m proud to be recognized by Industry Era Magazine. Working KnowledgeCSP invests significantly in developing our Knowledge Management (KM) consulting capabilities and providing unique and effective solutions for our client’s KM challenges.”  Industry Era Magazine published more from Bill in their “Creating Value from Knowledge” article.

About Working KnowledgeCSP

Working KnowledgeCSP (WK) is an internationally recognized source for practical and innovative knowledge management (KM) solutions that focus on facilitating the organization and personal behavior changes needed to make sustainable KM implementation a success. Most importantly, we see ourselves as our client’s partner, bringing new and meaningful insights to help them to create “value from their knowledge.” 

About Industry Era

Industry Era is one of the leading media brands offering technology-based magazines about the latest occurrences in various verticals. The magazine has a keen editorial focus on variation in technology, management, world-changing ideas, creativity, and perspective of established leaders.