“Knowledge Management Is Easier To Deliver as a Slogan than as a Sustainable Initiative”

Taking KM from Theory to Practice

Taking KM from “theory to practice” in your organization and searching for  KM “how” and only finding KM “what” can be very frustrating! In this presentation, delivered at KM Showcase 2020 March in Arlington VA, we discussed a select series of real KM challenges, the concepts to address these challenges, and how to practically apply these concepts as solutions.

Two Questions

  1. How do you effectively transition from theory to concept to practice aligning context relevant KM concepts and practices through a sustainable KM implementation that not only supports, but also aligns your business and operational environment and your KM environment?
  2. How do you continue to balance theory, concepts, and practice to continue to create and deliver value from your knowledge in support of your mission and your stakeholders?”

Have a look  at the presentation and contact us if you have questions on what you read here.

Bill Kaplan

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