Santosh Shekar Interviews Bill Kaplan, Founder, Working Knowledge CSP, on His KM Journey, KM Philosophy, Value of a KM Strategy, and Other KM Topics

This 3-part interview is part of the KnowledgeWebCast series, a unique platform where Santhosh Shekar Interviews Global Experts from the KM world to discuss their KM Journey, career learnings, and KM standards. This interview/podcast was published in RealKM Magazine.

Part 1 – KM Interview with Bill Kaplan

Part 2 – KM Interview with Bill Kaplan

Part 3 – KM Interview with Bill Kaplan

Santhosh Shekar interviews Bill Kaplan, knowledge management (KM) practitioner, published author, speaker, and coach, and the Founder of Working KnowledgeCSP. He is also a RealKM Patron and author.

Bill talks about:

  • how his KM journey began
  • his KM philosophy
  • digital transformation, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, and their relationship with KM
  • the importance of, and need for, KM standards
  • how the ISO 30401 KM standard can help organizations, and how the standard  should evolve from here
  • the importance of KM strategy
  • the agility necessary for organizational learning
  • knowledge leadership.