Bill Kaplan, Working KnowledgeCSP, Presents KM Agile at KM Middle East 2016 in Dubai

Bill Kaplan, Founder of Working KnowledgeCSP, a US based knowledge management consulting company, introduced KMAgile at the KM Middle East 2016 conference in Dubai on 30 March.  KMAgile is about building an organizational KM Strategy and capability while delivering measurable results quickly – often in about 12 weeks. 

Mr. Kaplan discussed how “agile” development methods, which are based on solid KM fundamentals, can be effectively applied to the development of KM strategies and implementing frameworks. Traditionally, Mr. Kaplan explained, KM Strategy development and implementation (non-agile) is tackled by introducing rigorous “waterfall” processes and sequential knowledge transfer. Organizations don’t want, nor do they always need, to spend extended periods of times developing a KM Strategy and Implementing Framework to gain the same results and outcomes. 

He also described a practical, “agile” based methodology for developing “fit for purpose” KM strategies and implementing frameworks that (1) incorporate a KM pilot project “up front” as a primary source of insight for strategy development and framework implementation focused on real-time business or operational challenges, and (2) are based upon “Fast Learning” fundamentals that need to be taught to the organization for long term KM success and are part of the foundation for KMAgile.  KMAgile relies on (1) direct communication and intense collaboration across an integrated team of subject matter experts, and (2) focuses on concurrent efforts with learning built into all phases and levels of the effort. 

Very often, he explained, this may be with incomplete “but enough” knowledge to proceed with strategy development relying on collaboration across multi-functional and integrated teams solving real business or operational challenges, and sharing tacit knowledge “as part of the way work is accomplished.” 

On day 2, Mr. Kaplan presented a half-day practical, hands-on workshop to continue the discussion begun in the KMAgile presentation in day 1. Attendees worked through “how” KMAgile can be applied in their organizations. Attendees:

  • Walked through the KMAgile methodology for developing “fit for purpose” and context-relevant KM strategies and implementing frameworks … to understand how and why it works
  • Practiced the identification and evaluation of quick win KM pilot projects … enabling them to apply this in practice
  • Learned about practice proven, “Fast Learning” techniques that deliver results in the short term while building knowledge sharing and transfer behaviors over time … enabling them to begin to apply these with their own teams
  • Received practical tips and techniques for performing the Agile KM  assessment and strategy development tasks … to be able to begin to understand how to apply these with own teams.

KM Middle East 2016 focused on knowledge management in action – best practices, emerging ideas, and time-tested techniques.  The conference focused on actionable ideas for creating and exchanging organization knowledge today and in the future.

Working KnowledgeCSP is based in the Washington DC Metro area. Mr. Kaplan is a 20 year KM practitioner.