KM ISO Standard – Progress Towards Accredited KM Certification ??

One of the outcomes of the evolving “ISO 30401:2018 – Knowledge Management Systems” standard should be meaningful progress towards accredited, professional knowledge management (KM) certification with training and preparation based on an agreed to “standard.” This is in contrast to the vendor marketed “KM certification” offered across the KM community globally which does not meet key criteria to be considered “accredited” certification. I believe they are more about selling training classes but which one may find useful in furthering one’s understanding of KM.

Previous discussions on accredited KM certification can be found here (Part 1) and here (Part 2) and can be summarized as:

  • Professional certification is a designation earned by an individual identifying that they have demonstrated a standard level of skills, experience, and expertise within their field.
  • Certifications are generally earned from a professional society with a certifying body, and are granted based on a combination of education, experience, and knowledge, rather than solely by passing an exam or just completing training.
  • The ongoing process of developing, administering, and maintaining the certification is done to international or other recognized standards and requires ongoing continuing education.
  • There is an established Body of Knowledge for the subject matter area that is nationally and/or internationally recognized.
  • Sitting for the certification examination does not require that you take training from the certifying organization.

I encourage the ongoing conversations about “ISO 30401:2018 – Knowledge Management Systems” to timely include how to evolve meaningful and accredited certification for the KM profession.