Knowledge Mapping: Understanding the Supply and Demand for Knowledge

We  work with you to facilitate your understanding of your business processes and to understand what knowledge is needed to more effectively and efficiently execute these processes. You will not only understand what knowledge is needed to execute each step of the process or workflow, but also what knowledge you have that you need and what knowledge you need that you don’t have. This insight will help you to more effectively target and integrate KM concepts and practices into your processes or workflow to “create value from your knowledge.” The outcome will provide insight to:

  1. What is “critical and relevant knowledge”
  2. Where this knowledge exists (repository/people)
  3. Who needs this knowledge to get the job done
  4. In what form this knowledge exists and its currency
  5. Challenges in finding, accessing, and using/reusing this knowledge.
  6. Where Communities of Practice (CoPs) can be valuable in researching challenges and creating new knowledge to support planning and operations.

Be prepared to invest time, people, and resources to effectively deliver these outcomes.