3 Assumptions That Might Be Sabotaging Your KM Efforts

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Recognize that “assumptions” can be “fact free” — this can lead you to make some poor judgements, develop incomplete conclusions, and then make bad decisions in trying to move KM forward in your organization — all decisions have consequences.

Here are some thoughts.

  1. Assuming that your organization understands what you mean when you say “knowledge management.”

    Do you understand what the organization “sees” when they hear “knowledge management?” … technology, collaboration platform, search, information management…?

  2. Assuming you know how knowledge management should best be implemented because you have prior experience in implementing KM.

    Ensure you clearly understand both the business and operational environment and the KM environment in your current organization. Concepts and practices previously employed may be similar—but context is everything…as are timing and available resources.

  3. Assuming that your organization does not understand the value of knowledge management like you (think you) do because the organization is not jumping on the “obvious” value of KM.

    Part 1: Not everything you believe is valuable or important has the same sense of urgency you believe you see. Your view may be narrowly focused on a specific problem or challenge, but in fact, what you see as a problem or challenge may be part of a larger more complex challenge with other moving parts of which KM is one part.

    Part 2: Is there an evidence-based business case for KM with measurable outcomes to gauge success? Engage-engage-engage at all levels of your organization.

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