Bill Kaplan KM Presentation on the Working Knowledge Concept|Strategy|Practice KM Model to the Mumbai KM Community and the LASSIB Society – June 2016

I had the privilege of being invited to speak as part of the continuing “Knowledge Leader Series,” a collaborative effort between In-Kno-Win Consulting, the Mumbai, India KM Community, and the LASSIB Society.

I presented on “Creating Value and Showing ROI” in KM.  We discussed the Working KnowledgeCSP Concept|Strategy|Practice Model and how this model can help an organization focus upon:

  1. Easily stated and understood KM outcomes
  2. Tied to select measures of KM Success
  3. Tracked to existing strategic initiatives and measures of value.

Q&A was lively. I enjoyed the people and their passion for KM.

LASSIB SocietyPresentingMore on the model here:

About Working KnowledgeCSP

Working KnowledgeCSP is a knowledge management consulting company.  We operate internationally, within the public and private sectors, to help organizations “Create Value from their Knowledge.”  Through our client co-delivery model, we provide practical, experience based knowledge management solutions and training from the simple to the complex.