Bill Kaplan, Founder of Working KnowledgeCSP Awarded the Knowledge Management Leadership Award 2016 by the Global Knowledge Management Congress

Bill Kaplan, Founder of Working KnowledgeCSP has been awarded the 2016 Knowledge Management Leadership Award by the Global Knowledge Management Congress for leadership in and contributions to the field of Knowledge Management. 

William S. (Bill) Kaplan is the Founder of Working KnowledgeCSP and its Principal Consultant.  Working KnowledgeCSP is an international knowledge management consulting company headquartered in the Washington DC Metro area with clients spanning the private, US federal and state, and international sectors.

The third annual Global Knowledge Management Leadership Awards program focuses on individuals who can make a difference in the lives of others through the quality of their work and their ability to affect change.  

This award is the result of an intensely researched process undertaken by a research cell which is guided by a Global Advisory Council.  The research cell produces a shortlist of Individuals who are doing extraordinary work and possess a track record of achievement. The shortlist is then reviewed by a Jury comprised of senior professionals from across the globe.

The award was conferred at the Global Knowledge Management Congress in Mumbai on 23 June 2016.

When asked about being selected for this award, Mr. Kaplan said “This is a wonderful award and a great honor to have been both considered, then selected, and have been presented this award on a world stage.  Knowledge Management has the ability to change behavior and broadly improve performance at all level of an organization as the organization strives to deliver its mission.”Bill Kaplan receives GKM Award


About Working KnowledgeCSP

Working KnowledgeCSP is a knowledge management consulting company.  We operate internationally, within the public and private sectors, to help organizations “Create Value from their Knowledge.”  Through our client co-delivery model, we provide practical, experience based knowledge management solutions and training from the simple to the complex.