Working KnowledgeCSP announces the launch of “Our Contracts Manager – On Demand Contract Management Support”


Working KnowledgeCSP announces the launch  of “Our Contracts Manager – On Demand Contract Management Support” for small to medium size organizations who need supplemental, professional, experienced, and certified professional contracting resources to help them through an occasional or a short-term, temporary increase in contracting workload and don’t want to hire a full-time contracts manager. 

“Our Contracts Manager” is a great solution for the following types of business situations:

· A small, but growing business that does work or wants to perform work on government or commercial contracts but doesn’t have the budget or workload to justify a full-time contracts manager.

· A CEO, COO, or senior executive who does all the contracting and proposal work when either bidding on potential new contract work or managing the awarded contracts.

· A legal department handling your government contracts but you aren’t sure they have the requisite specialized expertise to navigate the federal acquisition regulations or to address the demands of government program managers and contracting officers.

Working KnowledgeCSP Founder Bill Kaplan explained, “As a small or medium size business who needs immediate and professional, temporary contract management support, you now don’t have to incur all the overhead and expenses of hiring a full-time employee. Whether you need help for 1 week or 1 month or longer, we can provide experienced, certified contract management professionals as supplemental staff to support your contract management workload and seamlessly integrate them into your business processes.

Working KnowledgeCSP can provide you the right knowledge and the right experience at the right time. “Our Contracts Manager” can provide support for the following representative contract management tasks:

· Review, draft, analyze and negotiate a broad range of sales and services agreements, amendments, non-disclosure and teaming agreements and related documents

· Review requests for proposals, requests for bids and other competitive solicitations; assist sales team in preparing responses to such bid requests

· Advice and counsel with respect to contract and compliance issues

· GWAC application and management

· Engage with external customers to negotiate contract terms

· Conduct research as required to provide guidance on contract compliance and legal/regulatory requirements

· Develop internal contracts policies and procedures

· Support in-house or external legal teams focused on government contracting.

For more information, contact Working KnowledgeCSP Contract Management Solutions at 571.934.7408 or [email protected].