Knowledge Management: Leveraging the “Electrome” or “Learning at the Speed of Knowing”

I found this remarkably thought-provoking book review in the March 11 Weekend Wall Street Journal Books and Arts section, The science writer and reporter Sally Adee, in her recent book, “We Are Electric” (Hatchette), describes how it is time for focusing on the “Electrome” – the “electrical dimensions and properties of cells, the tissues they collaborate to form, and the electrical forces that are turning out to be involved in every aspect of life.”

We are reading about the evolution of conversational AI in the form of ChatGPT and the like. Not without its challenges, it is having a major impact on how we view, access and share knowledge … and how it can leverage learning quickly.

Did you know that we may possess within ourselves the capability to acquire specific (tacit) experience almost literally “on demand?”

Recall the movie “The Matrix” where Trinity acquires the knowledge needed to fly the helicopter on demand.

In Sally Adee’s book, she describes how she “ended up buying a brain stimulator” herself. It was through her experience with one such wearable device at a U.S. military training facility—where her brain was electrically stimulated from outside her skull, turning her from a novice marksman into a sharpshooter within hours—that her interest in the field [of bioelectricity] was sparked. For the next few days, she writes, “life was so much easier.”” While this was an experiment, she also acknowledges that it’s the “very, very early days” for this evolving technology capability.

Knowledge Management is an exciting and evolving edge-based discipline crossing many domains (e.g. scientific, business, education…). Wonder where KM is going next?