Working KnowledgeCSP Founder Bill Kaplan Speaking at KMA DC

Bill Kaplan, Working KnowledgeCSP Founder spoke at the Washington DC Chapter of the Knowledge Management Association (KMA) on 26 Aug.  The event was hosted by Enterprise Knowledge at their headquarters. 

Kaplan led a discussion around the topic “Practically Speaking, Does Professional Certification in Knowledge Management Exist…Yet?” . Kaplan said “An important point to understand is that anyone taking a certifcation course in KM must understand that KM certification doesn’t yet exist since there is no accepted KM body of knowledge but the training provided may be useful if you are new to the profession.  You just have to know what you are getting in the “certification” course and if you are willing to pay the fees just for the training.”



About KMA DC

The Knowledge Management Association – DC (KMA DC) is a professional association of knowledge management pratitoners who meet once monthly.  These face-to-face events events are where knowledge management professionals in the DC Metro area meet to hear stories, share successes (and failures), and network with fellow KM dsicuss topics of intrwest in KM.

About Enterprise Knowledge

Enterprise Knowledge, LLC is a consulting firm that helps organizations better capture, manage, present, and leverage their information.  We operate globally, throughout the public and private sectors to help organizations get the most out of their people and their information.

About Working KnowledgeCSP

Working KnowledgeCSP is a knowledge management consulting company.  We operate internationally, within the public and private sectors, to help organizations “Create Value from their Knowledge.”  Through our client co-delivery model, we provide practical, experience based knowledge management solutions and training from the simple to the complex.