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Books: Knowledge Management

Losing Your Minds: Capturing, Retaining and Leveraging Organizational Knowledge,
Revised Edition pending, Working KnowledgeCSP


Selected Publications: Knowledge Management

CoP Success and the Concept of Shared Value
Working KnowledgeCSP Practice-Based Knowledge Management Maturity Model

Working KnowledgeCSP Community of Practice (CoP) Maturity Model

Measuring the Unmeasurable: Intellectual Capital (Part 1)
Measuring the Unmeasurable: 10 Step Process (Part 2)
Measuring the Unmeasurable: Continuity Planning and the Need to Value Knowledge (Part 3)
KMAgile | Agile Knowledge Management, How to Rapidly Develop a Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Capability While Increasing Performance,” Bill Kaplan (Working KnowledgeCSP) and Kent Greenes (Greenes Consulting), July 2015.
Knowledge Accountability Drives Knowledge Management Success“, Ark Group, September 2014
Knowledge is the Source of Better Acquisition Outcomes“, Contract Management (NCMA), September 2014
Capturing, Retaining, and Leveraging Federal Agency Workforce Knowledge“, The Public Manager (ASTD):, Fall 2013, Volume 42, Number 3
Replacing Risk With Knowledge to Deliver Better Acquisition Outcomes“, Defense AT&L:, Nov-Dec 2010
Waddayaknow? “Knowledge Management Can Be an Organization’s Key To Survival,” The Conference Board, Executive Action Series, No. 304, May 2009, by Tommy Peterson, includes interview excerpts with Bill Kaplan, CKO Acquisition Solutions, Inc
Leveraging Our Critical Acquisition Knowledge: Addressing the Challenges of Workforce Attrition and Knowledge Loss, Defense AT&L, Jan-Feb 2008
Creating Long-Term Value as Chief Knowledge Officer,”KM Review, Volume 10, Issue 4, September/October 2007
Knowledge Capture, Transfer, and Reuse – Leveraging the Know-how and Know-why of Acquisition,”Contract Management Magazine, National Contract Management Association, April 2007
Deploying A Knowledge Convergence Framework: Four key elements for building a performance learning culture,”KM Review, Jul-Aug 2006



Selected Publications (Acquisition Management)

Breaking the Code on Creating and Implementing Effective Contracting Policy“, Contract Management (NCMA), April 2015
Understanding the Procurement Business Case, Striking a Balance Between Following the Rules and Thinking Through the Nature of the Deal,” Program Manager, Defense Systems Management College, March-April 2000


Selected Presentations (Knowledge Management)

7 “Must Know” KM Fundamentals to Implement Knowledge Based Contract Management, NCMA Pentagon May Chapter Meeting, Crystal City, VA, 11 May 2017
Knowledge Retention is Everyone’s Job: Making Knowledge Retention a Part of Everyday Business Processes and Activities.” Ark Group Conference on Preventing Knowledge Collapse: Succession & Transition Planning Strategies for the Public Sector, San Francisco, CA, January 21, 2010
Primer on Knowledge Management,” NCMA World Congress, Ft .Lauderdale, FL, July 19, 2010
Better Practice Transfer – Tools You Can Use Now,”NCMA World Congress, Cincinnati, Ohio, 14 April 2008.
Managing the Risk of Knowledge Loss Due to Workforce Attrition: Retaining and Leveraging the Critical and Relevant Knowledge of the Workforce,”; NCMA World Congress, Cincinnati, Ohio, 15 April 2008
Managing the Risk of Knowledge Loss Due to Workforce Attrition: Retaining and Leveraging the Critical and Relevant Knowledge of the Procurement Workforce,” National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), Annual Conference, Professional Development Session, St. Louis, MO, 8 September 2008