Knowledge Enabled Organizations

Attributes of High Performing, Knowledge Enabled Organizations

Organizations successful not only in making knowledge management part of their business and operational processes and work flows, but also in sustaining their investment in knowledge management, share common attributes in the areas of people, process, technology, and culture.  These attributes should be guiding principles for KM evolution and sustainment in the organization. 

The figure above reflects these attributes:

  • People:  These organizations promote and sustain an environment where people share what they think others need to know because there is high trust and a partnering mindset.  Leadership demands collaboration and measures performance by it.
  • Process:  Knowledge is used to make changes in the future direction of the organization.  Knowledge is captured routinely as part of the operating processes of the organization and these improvements in process also result in changes in the corresponding training associated with the processes.
  • Technology:    Knowledge needed is secure, searchable, accessible, and downloadable when it’s needed to satisfy the knowledge seeker’s need. 
  • Culture and Workforce Dynamics:  People see value in capturing knowledge and the time it takes to do this is viewed not as an extra task but as a part of the way work is accomplished.  Collaboration exists and knowledge easily moves across boundaries.