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Knowledge Management Consultants

Fact Sheet

Legal Name

Working KnowledgeCSP LLC

Company Description

Working KnowledgeCSP is an independent knowledge management consulting company that designs and delivers end-to-end knowledge management solutions that enable organizations to continuously improve performance through an improved ability to leverage what they know about what they do.

Working KnowledgeCSP works with public and private sector organizations to identify the knowledge critical to delivering their missions. Examples include:

Capturing, adapting, transferring, and reusing critical and relevant knowledge
Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and teams
Improving the quality and speed of decision-making
Making sense out of data

Primary NAICS Codes

541611   Administrative & General Management Consulting Services
611430   Professionals and Management Development Training
541690   Other Scientific and Technical Consulting




Knowledge Management, Communities of Practice, Learning Processes and Behaviors, KM Project and Program Management; Change Management;  Cross Boundary Collaboration, Business Process Analysis and Mapping; Managing Workforce Turnover and Knowledge Loss; Knowledge Based Continuity Planning (Succession Planning); Operationalizing Learning:  Align Process, Execution, and Training for Improved Performance; Knowledge Enabled Process Analysis and Mapping;  Knowledge Management (KM) Maturity Assessment; Knowledge Loss Impact Assessment; Leadership and Team Transition Knowledge Transfer; Knowledge Management "Side-by-Side" Coaching; Knowledge Management Concepts and Skills Training; Knowledge Enabled Strategic Planning; Facilitation; Survey Services; Enterprise Content Management; Innovation Management; Taxonomies; Risk Management; Social Technologies; Taxonomy, Classification, and Metadata Management;  Strategic Planning, Organization Performance, Organization Stand Up and Integration, Cross Organization Collaboration, COTS KM Technology Integration, Federal Acquisition and Procurement, Major Systems Acquisition, Knowledge Enabled Acquisition Policy Development and Management; Acquisition Organization Assessment and Planning
Industries All industries, public sector/government, and non-profit organizations.


Working KnowledgeCSP works with clients of all sizes in both the public and private sectors.
Size of Consulting Staff
Collaboration of independent contractors who provide specific industry, function, and business process expertise.

State and Country of Incorporation

Commonwealth of Virginia, USA

Entity Type

Privately-held limited liability company (LLC)

Year Founded

DUNS Number 832366327



Corporate Headquarters

Great Falls, VA, USA








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