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Knowledge Management Consultants


Facilitation is a core methodology used in all of our projects. Trained on the FAST method

(Facilitated Application Specification Technique), we enable a highly structured, formal (but flexible) technique for guiding and directing the work of people in workshops and meetings.

Our method embraces the best of, while expediting and improving the quality of, group work.

Our facilitation expertise and experience can help you to: improve the productivity of teams; reduce specification and design errors; shorten project duration; improve budget performance; develop implementable strategies; build cohesive support for plans; mediate disputes between individuals, departments, and organizations; and manage the many types personalities (and conflict) that appear in every meeting and workshop.

Expert facilitation is proven to dramatically increase productivity of workshops, of meetings, any group setting, and within teams. Facilitation skills are essential to work within the three constraints of time, cost, and scope. Projects require and benefit from group activities to plan, decide, analyze, and extract high-quality information in a compressed time. Our structured facilitation technique guides individuals and teams to develop clear deliverables, superior problem-solving skills, and consensus-based decisions.  Selected areas of support include: